Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm a Good Mom, but I'm a Terrible...

I'm a GREAT mom. It just comes natural. Spending time with the Munchkin is just one of life's greatest gifts. I am also a pretty decent wife. The house isn't a total disaster and I cook more than I don't. Perfect, right?


I am a TERRIBLE friend. I rarely answer the phone, return calls, remember to email, check in to make sure you are okay or listen to you're problems.

I am a TERRIBLE neighbor. I often forget to wave, say hello or just behave in a friendly manner. I am freaking exhausted and I just don't have it in me.

I am a TERRIBLE church member. The munchkin has a knack for knowing when I have morning plans and thus refuses to sleep the night before said morning plans. I have grand notions of serving in the children's ministry on Wednesday nights, but alas it just doesn't appear to workout that way.

Moral? If you know a new mom, cut her some freaking slack. Fir sone of us, it just takes all of our effort plus some to do the things that everyone else in the world is doing. Maybe I'll get better at it and maybe I won't. But please, just don't call my house phone. The baby is napping and I'm trying to eat one of those meals I've cooked for my husband.